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LifeEaze minis are trailing their way!

That's right you heard it here! Three of the Junior LifeEaze teammates are launching out and offering a new service that will help make life easier for anyone who has the busy schedule and needs a bit of extra help with home duties.

LifeEaze is proud to announce " Mom + Three Laundry and Folding Services" LifeEaze Minis will be able to help with laundry with the ability to meet at convenient locations in the Upstate for both pickup and drop off. The Minis have availability for same day appointments on the early part of the week and offer customer loyalty bonuses to all returning clients. Go ahead and give them a try as this team is all about integrity and independence. This will be a great learning experience for them in the area's of customer service, accountability, money management and savings. All rates are affordable and all service referrals are greatly appreciated.

#laundy #accountabilty #teenagers

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